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Sustaining Donors

Thank you for taking time to consider becoming one of our Monthly Sustainer Guides! As a Guiding Donor you help bring stability and agility to Greater Falls Connections efforts as our community coalition addresses the ever-changing and important challenges with substance misuse. Your choice to support our work monthly donations allows us all to find ways to react to opportunities quickly and support friends, family, and neighbors.   

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Beebee and Roku

Why are we asking for your monthly support? 

Large corporate and foundation donors may have limitations and often require long-term planning. As new substances and other surprises arise, having reliable support for our overall mission allows us to act quickly, for instance we can afford harm reduction supplies while government agencies are in the process of working on funding. Grant funding is often limited to a specific goal, or problem. Monthly sustainers allow us to react to our community’s needs as we learn about them, not 6 months later.

In addition, it allows us to keep in closer contact with people like you, who are especially interested and invested in prevention among youth and their families.

  • A $5 per month from 10 people donation can support a weekly parent group.

  • A $25 per month donation from 5 people can support leadership opportunities for youth, such as training, attending conferences and networking with other prevention-minded youth leaders.

Sustaining donor gifts can be more accessible to people who believe in our mission. Together we can strengthen each other and the people we care about. We all face challenges, facing them together as more resilient people guides us to a better future.

Why are we calling our sustaining donors Guides? 

Because when community members support us in a sustainable and reliable way, they are guiding us along a path that we walk together. It keeps our community in contact and vibrant as we decide which direction to head and what priorities are. It provides flexibility and agility as new issues arise.

Thank you again for joining us! We are committed to finding the path to a healthier way of living and welcome our Guides with gratitude.


Transgender Support Groups

Every third Thursday the Greater Rockingham LGBTQIA+ Group offers free peer support groups for transgender folks. Teens, 13-17, meet from 3:30 to 4:30 p.m., and adults, 18+, meet from 7:30 to 8:30 p.m. The meetings are held at Parks Place. Snacks will be provided. The groups will be led by a transgender staff member.

Sign up today for Computer Skills Training for the Workplace

Learn the basics of using a computer with this FREE five-week program. The class will be held at the Windsor Resource Center from June 11 to July 9, from 4:30-6:30 p.m. Attend all five classes to qualify for a free laptop. To sign up, call 802-885-8300.

GFC Bookstore

You can now purchase in bulk materials that have been created by GFC staff at cost plus shipping and tax. This includes books, journals, bookmarks, and stickers.  Click here!​

March 2024 Newsletter

Want to see what we're up to? Download our newsletter for updates, achievements, and upcoming events! Click here to read.

LGBTQIA+ Hangout

Join us for a FREE hangout for LGBTQIA+ members, ages 18 and old. Stop by Parks Place from 2-4pm on the second Saturday of each month for writing, crafting, reading, gaming, or just hanging out. 

Online Narcan training
If you've picked up a package of Narcan or Naloxone and don't know how to use it, check out this video with instructions from the Vermont Department of Health.

Windham County calendar

Discover fun area activities for families.

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